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Epic Land Services is a leading provider of land clearing and forestry mulching services, dedicated to transforming landscapes with efficiency and precision. Our commitment to excellence and state-of-the-art equipment, make us an easy choice for your next land project! Get a Free Estimate Today! Call 205-267-0111 or fill out our short contact form below.

We employ a team of skilled professionals who possess extensive knowledge and experience in land management and forestry mulching. They carefully assess each project, considering factors such as terrain, vegetation density, and client requirements. We utilize an advanced forestry mulcher that is specifically designed to handle even the toughest vegetation. Our mulcher has the power to efficiently grind trees and brush up to 8 inches in diameter, making them highly effective in both small-scale and large-scale projects.

Epic Land Services prioritizes customer satisfaction and strives to provide cost-effective solutions tailored to their clients' needs. Whether it's clearing land for construction, clearing trails or driveways, or making a camper pad, our dedicated team ensures that each project is completed on time and within budget.

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